Basic Inspection Checklist

  1. Unit must be vacant and clean with utilities on.
  2. All windows and sliders in the living space must have good screens.
  3. All openable windows must operate properly without the need to be propped.
  4. Switches and outlets need cover plates.
  5. Each level (basement, first floor, second floor, attic) must have functional smoke detectors.
  6. Appliances should be in working order.
  7. Window and door looks should be working. No double-key deadbolts are allowed on exterior doors.
  8. Stairs, ramps, and porches need proper handrails and balusters. Bulkhead stairs need a handrail.
  9. No exposed electric wires are allowed.
  10. Replace voids in the fuse box.
  11. Check under kitchen and bathroom sinks for leaks.
  12. Eliminate tripping hazards, such as frayed carpet and extension cords.
  13. No flammable material such as cardboard, paper or plastic bags, laundry, wood should be within 7 feet of the furnace.
  14. Gas engines such as lawnmowers and mopeds cannot be stored in the basement.
  15. No unregistered vehicles are allowed on the premises.
  16. Space heaters are prohibited.
  17. Fireplaces and wood/coal chimneys must be inspected and cleaned.
  18. A letter of compliance (LOC) is needed if the unit was built before 1978 and a child under the age of 6 years will occupy the unit.