Cape Cod Academy Project 

In the fall of 2015, five eighth grade students at Cape Cod Academy, under the guidance of humanities teacher Lawrence Brown, set out to better understand the region's homeless population. 

Over the course of a few weeks, the students interviewed homeless men and women staying at HAC's NOAH Shelter, CHAMP Homes and Homeless Not Hopeless. The students also took portraits of these men and women, helping put a face to the region's homeless. 

The students involved in the school project were Mairead Coyle, Dylan Kostovick, Maeve Lonergan, Shannon McSorley and Tristan Roman. When their work was finished, they each wrote about the impact the project had on them and their thoughts on the homeless. Here is a sampling of how the project changed their perceptions:

They have incredible strength and understanding. The people in these shelters also all really cared for each other. I think they are all misunderstood by society.   

                                                                                           - Shannon McSorley

I realized that anyone can become homeless, even if they didn’t make any bad decisions.   

                                                                                               – Dylan Kostovick

After this project I recognized that the people we had interviewed and photographed were not just “the homeless.” They were real people with real stories to share that are deserving of love and acceptance.   

                                                                                             – Maeve Lonergan