Board of Directors


Executive Committee

Mark R. Forest, Chair

Peter L. Freeman, Vice Chair                                                                          
Freeman Law Group LLC

Peter J. Muise, Treasurer                                            
First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union                                                         

Cathy Gibson, Clerk
Department of Transitional Assistance  

Members at Large

Ashley Moore Baker, IFAW

Liam Cahill, Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank                                             

Cilff Carroll, Carroll Company                                                     

Margaret Hayes                                                                                            

Paul N. Melville, Family Continuity/Cape Cod and
Nantucket Family Resource Centers                                   

Susan Rohrbach                                                                                     

Paul Ruchinskas

Dr. Kumara Sidhartha, Cape Cod Healthcare

Raymond Tamasi, The Tamasi Group, LLC

Tara Wallace, Independence House, Inc.


Linda Nassar Lavin

Will Robin

Joseph Polcaro