Classes & Counseling

Homebuyer Education
This 3-night workshop gives an overview of the home buying process. We have expert speakers in our community covering a variety of topics, including: money management, mortgage loan programs, home inspections, homeowner's insurance, plus the role of the realtor and attorney. Several sessions are offered throughout the year.

HomeSafe - Post Purchase Series
This workshop is designed for new homeowners and is offered several times a year. Some insurance companies will discount premiums for participation.

Housing Search
This workshop provides details on where to look for housing; how to complete applications for housing; what is needed to be successful in attaining housing; and a discussion of the available resources. 

Money Matters
A two-night workshop which will help participants set financial goals and identify ways to create an emergency fund, a spending plan, and assist with rebuilding your credit. 




“If HAC wasn't there, the banks would have ignored me. It was life changing. It’s great to know my family can stay in the house we love.”
Jonathan Way, author and Osterville resident


HAC is one of nine regional Housing Consumer Education Centers (HCEC) in Massachusetts. HCECs are designed to help people with housing problems find the appropriate assistance. It provides a variety of workshops, services and materials designed for all types of housing consumers and providers, including tenants, homebuyers, homeowners and owners of rental properties.

Among the popular classes HAC offers are Rebuilding Your Credit, Homebuyer Education (for first-time homebuyers) and Home Forever (for new homeowners). A list of those classes is below with details on when they are offered and how to register. 

Should you have any questions or need more information about these classes, contact Cheryl Codair, HAC's Director of Education and Engagement at either or 508-771-5400, ext. 267.  


You must pre-register for HCEC classes at least one week in advance.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to register for an HCEC class, you must download the registration form, fill it out and submit it to HAC along with the applicable fee for the class. You will receive a confirmation letter or e-mail prior to the class that you have signed up. There is no online registration. 


In 2008, HAC started a Foreclosure Education and Prevention Center, where our experienced staff members respond to the increased need for counseling services that can help homeowners at risk of foreclosure. Since 2008 more than 3,000 households have received foreclosure counseling. 

HAC’s Housing Consumer Education Center is located at 460 West Main Street in Hyannis. Our services are available by walk-in, phone at 508-771-5400 or email at

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