NOAH Shelter 

On November 1, 2016, Catholic Social Services of the Fall River Diocese is scheduled to take over the day-to-day management of Housing Assistance Corporation’s NOAH Shelter on Winter Street in Hyannis.

 The shelter, which is an emergency shelter for individuals, will remain on Winter Street in Hyannis. But Catholic Social Services will be renaming the shelter and changing some of the programs and daily protocols. If you want information about Catholic Social Services’s shelter for individuals on Winter Street, please contact them directly.


Housing Assistance Corporation is still involved in helping homeless individuals and families, including at our family shelters which are described below. We would appreciate your support for any and all of these important programs.

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Here is a list of HAC’s programs for Cape Cod homeless individuals and families:

  • Angel House shelter: Located on South Street in Hyannis, this is a shelter that is an addiction recovery program for women and their children. The program lasts nine to 12 months. The program serves 13 families at a time and several dozen people (adults and children) per year. We would welcome donations toward Angel House and, in addition, there are opportunities twice a month to serve a meal for the women and their children at the shelter. The shelter currently is in need of three new vinyl sofas, as well as twin beds. At Angel House, there is always a need for diapers and wipes, as well as portable cribs; and twin bed sheets and pillows.
  • Carriage House shelter: This shelter in North Falmouth serves 10 families consisting of homeless women and their children. We work with the women to help them find housing and employment as well as linking them with specialists in the area of healthcare. Similar needs to Angel House above.
  • Village at Cataumet shelter: This shelter in the town of Bourne is a former motel converted into 18 shelter units for families (parents and children). We work with the families to get them permanent housing and employment. Similar needs to Angel House above.
  • Scattered Sites shelter: These are apartments HAC leases in Hyannis and Yarmouth that serve about 20 families with children. We work with them on case management and to find more permanent housing.
  • Clients in our Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program: In this program we are currently working with 54 families to get them off assistance programs and into permanent housing and employment by setting personal and career goals and mentoring them so that they accomplish those goals. You can learn more about FSS here
  • Case management for individuals: In this program, we provide case management for individuals who have been homeless and are now in their own apartments. We provide assistance with employment, health and wellness, substance abuse prevention and any other case management that is needed. There are 55 individuals currently in this program.
  • Homelessness Prevention for Individuals and Families: In this program, we work to prevent individuals and families from becoming homeless by helping them with payments for rentals or utilities that they need because of an emergency financial situation.
  • Outreach Program: In this relatively new HAC program, we have HAC staff who go into the woods and other locations to find homeless people living in camps and try to get them to come in for services and to find housing for them. We recently wrote about this program in HACbeat. You can read that story here
  • Housing Placement: We are the premiere agency on Cape Cod to find housing for homeless individuals and families and we are putting even more resources into this program to help those who are homeless on Cape Cod.
  • Affordable Housing Development: We are becoming even more active in converting former motels, buying up inexpensive homes and developing affordable housing on Cape Cod.

A complete list of volunteer opportunities at HAC can be found at this link, everything from cradling homeless babies to folding newsletters. A complete list of donation needs can be found at this link. To donate to HAC's homeless programs click here.

You can also join us for HAC's Annual Shelter Telethon to raise funds and awareness for our shelter programs.

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Family Shelters

HAC's family shelters provide a safe haven for families with a housing crisis. In all our family shelters, services provided to residents include training to improve skills as a parent and tenant.

The Angel House shelter in Hyannis works with families recovering from alcohol or other drug abuse. Angel House provides a structured and secure environment where mothers and children can be reunited and recover from the dual traumas of substance abuse and homelessness. (508-775-8045)

Angel House is partially funded by Cape and Islands United Way


The Carriage House shelter in North Falmouth specializes in serving first-time mothers and their children. While sheltering is primary, Carriage House also provides an ongoing in-house workshop program, supportive services and linkages to community resources. (508-564-6485)

The Village at Cataumet is a family shelter that offers education and employment services, as well as assistance in finding permanent housing. HAC also operates scattered-site family shelters, which are apartments and duplexes in the mid-Cape area.  (508-563-7619)

Families experiencing homelessness must be placed into shelter by the state via referral and application. For more information, reach out to Housing Assistance and speak to a representative about housing services at 508-771-5400.