Falmouth Road Race Photo-1

All runners who wish to run and/or raise funds for Housing Assistance Corporation (HAC) must complete this form in its entirety and agree to all terms. 

Please read the following carefully before submitting this application. 

FUNDRAISING COMMITMENT: You must raise the required minimum of $1,000 in order to join Housing Assistance Corporation's (HAC) team and receive an individual entry for the 2018 Falmouth Road Race. 

You will have until 11:59 PM EST on Friday, August 17, 2018 to meet the fundraising minimum of $1,000. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: You may cancel your participation with Housing Assistance Corporation for the Falmouth Road Race, waiving your responsibility for the $1,000 minimum any time on or before Sunday, July 1, 2018. To do so, you must contact Deanna Bussiere by email or phone on or before the cancellation date. Any donations raised and received by our office will not be refunded, even if you cancel. After July 1, 2018, you are responsible for raising the $1,000 minimum, even if for any reason, including injury, you are unable to physically participate in the race. 

APPLICATION: Filling out the application does not guarantee the award for a bib in the Falmouth Road Race. HAC's Deanna Bussiere will contact you directly to tell you if you are awarded a spot on Housing Assistance Corporation's (HAC) team. 

Falmouth Road Race Application