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Waldorf School Students Visit HAC’s Curio House at Community Green

Posted by Julie Wake on Mon, Nov 26, 2012 @ 09:00 AM

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“Houses of the Past, Present and Future” was the theme of a recent block in teacher Kim Allsup’s third-grade class at the Waldorf School of Cape Cod.

“So, I was thrilled when Adrienne Danner of HAC told us that a house of the future, Curio House, is here on Cape Cod and that we could visit,” Allsup said. Curio House is the energy-efficient home that is the first residence at HAC’s Community Green in Sandwich.

Allsup said her class prepared for their field trip by studying the science and importance of solar energy. “We went into the playground at school on a sunny day and touched objects that had been warmed by the sun, including a brick wall, black hinges, grass, pavement and black, plastic composters. Then we worked together to list these from the warmest to the coolest. (The black metal hinges were warmest and the grass was coolest.)

“We also had a homework assignment in which students had to say what fuel was used in their homes and how it arrived (oil in trucks, gas in pipes, wood in trucks.) We talked about how each of these forms of fuel produces waste when burned.

“During our visit to Curio House it was easy for the children to understand the principle of passive solar heat since they had all felt the warm hinges and the warm brick wall at school. And, it was impressive that this little house of the future would produce far less waste than houses of today because there would be no oil trucks or wood trucks necessary. In addition to touring the house and hearing a description of how it operates from Mr. MacDougall, we also enjoyed visiting with the goats and the chickens. We thank HAC, Adrienne Danner and Jim MacDougall for our visit to Curio House.”

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