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Teachable Moments Through All Five Senses

Posted by Lin Rohr on Thu, Oct 15, 2015 @ 05:45 PM


Through the generous hearts of donors, Angel House families had the incredible opportunity to attend the Boston Pops on the Hyannis Green. Although the day was cloudy, the children’s faces were sunny as we walked over to hear the “moo-sic”. 

Mothers and children alike bounded toward the blankets, and the smell of fresh caramel corn filled the air. Once everyone was settled, we eagerly shared a bag of the tasty treat; our enjoyment was clearly seen by the licking of little and big sticky hands.

The sense of sight was all around but most focused for me when the color guard came down the walk.

As we joined the audience in standing up and singing the national anthem, a three year old said to me. “Lin, what’s that?”

“That’s the color guard. Do you see the flags?”

“I can’t.”

I lifted him and put him on my shoulders and heard his glee: ”I see them! There’s two!”

“Yes, one for our country and one for the state.”


“Yes, Massachusetts.”

Another nearly five-year-old boy, looked at me and asked, “Why do we have to stand up?”

“Because we are singing our national anthem.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s a song for our country.” This little guy looks around, sees others having their hands over their hearts, puts his hand over his heart and beams at me. 

Once the concert starts we are sitting all together on blankets, chairs and laps as we listen to the incredible music. As we are listening, a little girl climbs into my lap, with a curiosity endearing for a two-year-old, and asks, “What’s that?”

“That is a violin.”

“Oh.” We listen together.

Then, “WHAT’S that?”

“That’s a trumpet.”


“Yes.” We listen some more. “WHAT’S THAT?”

“Those are drums.”

“I can drum!” she says as she begins drumming/clapping on my hands.

Looking around at our group, I noticed moms holding and rocking infants in their laps, gently sharing healing touch to the most vulnerable in our community. My heart overflows with gratitude for the generous hearts that made this evening possible.