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Angel House Credited for Turning Client's Life Around

Posted by Chris Kazarian on Fri, Jun 13, 2014 @ 10:24 AM
Marnie, Princess and Esther 42414 resized 600 Marnie Rieber (from left), Princess Maloney and Esther Maloney.

With most jobs it is difficult to measure the impact one person’s work can have on another.

But in April at her retirement party at The Compound Bar & Grille in Hyannis, Marnie Rieber, director of Angel House, heard firsthand just what she and her staff meant to one West Yarmouth resident who turned her life around two decades ago thanks to the services offered at the Cape Cod shelter which offers treatment and housing for homeless mothers recovering from alcohol or drug addiction, and their children.

And so two decades later that Angel House client – 51-year-old Esther Maloney and her daughter Princess – showed up at Rieber’s sendoff to show their gratitude for that much-needed support. “You taught me how to live again,” she said.

Maloney, who is originally from Barbados, came to Angel House in a much different state. “My life was a mess,” she told HAC staff.

She recalled one exercise in which she was asked by Angel House staff to write down her expectations. “And I did and I just cried because I expected life to be different,” she said. “Here I am so lost, but I was in the right place with the people that loved me. Yes, they loved me.”

Today Maloney has a new perspective on life and she credited Angel House for helping her to realize what is most important.

At the top of that list is her daughter who celebrated her first birthday at the shelter. Now Princess is 21 years old, a sophomore in college studying to be a homicide detective.

And Maloney, who also has an eight-year-old daughter Naomi, works in hospice, taking care of those who are dying.

“It is just amazing because I can’t believe life is so good,” she said.

None of that, she said, would be possible without Angel House which provided her with care and love when she needed it most. “I learned to accept the things I could not change in my life because I was full of anger and I needed to know how to let it go,” she said. “It was scary for me because at my age – I was 30, 31 years old – I didn’t know how to live life. It was new for me… But they helped us. They clothed us. It was a blessing in my life that I will never forget.”


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