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Lemonade Stand Makes A Difference

Posted by Laura Reckford on Fri, Oct 18, 2013 @ 10:26 PM

Hilary & Natalie Packard2

The Packard sisters of Cataumet, Hilary, 11, and Natalie, 8, did what lots of kids do in the summer: they opened up a lemonade stand. What makes them stand out from the other kids is that they donated all their proceeds to Housing Assistance Corporation, specifically to Project Prevention, the program that helps families from becoming homeless by helping with rent or a mortgage payment. 

In July, the two girls set up shop at the Cataumet Center for the Arts Artisans on the Lawn event where local artists sell their wares. They sold their homemade lemonade and marketed the stand with a sign, “All profits go to Housing Assistance Corporation.”

Gwyneth Packard, the girls’ mother, says of her daughters’ philanthropic endeavors, “a few years ago during a very cold winter storm, Hilary, my eldest daughter, was contemplating what it would be like to be homeless. The conversation we had stuck with her and over the years she has found many creative ways to raise funds and goods to help the homeless, such as a coat drive outside our local post office.”

Hilary and Natalie raised and donated $70.55 from the lemonade stand and have gathered and donated coats, sleeping bags and blankets for folks at the Village of Cataumet, a shelter for families.