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State Supports HAC's Rental Efforts

Posted by Julie Wake on Mon, Jan 28, 2013 @ 09:00 AM
As part of an effort to create 1,000 additional units of permanent, supportive housing through the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program, six vouchers for the scattered site family homelessness program were awarded to HAC.

HAC owns 40 apartment units. HAC’s six new vouchers will be used to house families who are formerly homeless or at risk of homelessness and cannot afford market-rate rents.

“With these vouchers, we can rent apartments to some people who are most in need,” said Gisele Gauthier, director of HAC’s housing development department. “This provides people with housing stability, regardless of their income.”

The state funding includes case-management support, which will enhance the stability of the tenants’ housing.

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